Ramadhan Ramadhan !! ~(^o^)~

Sooo excited you know .. yesterday , on 9 July 2013 .. my younger sister (Alla) ,Shareena and I go to perform tarawikh prayer .. We don't feel tired even perform 8 rak'ats. Actually , this is my first tarawikh prayer. huahahaha .. Soo ashamed .. :( there were many people on that mosque .. and of course , motorcycle is many too.. we almost don't see the road .. # yeah right ..?!?!

I want to go with Athirah and Rina too .. but Athirah's mom do not give permission to go with us because we have to across the big road (jalan besar) .. yeah you know , it is dangerous .. :( it's okay , maybe she will go with us next week , or next year ?!?! I will wait ..

So , Happy Ramadhan .. ^_^

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